3 podcasts every copywriter should listen to.

Podcasts have become a staple in the majority of our lives. They’re easily the most convenient way to take in information, and with the number of podcasts out there, there’s something for everyone. As a business owner, copy is super important, and podcasts are a great way to improve those skills! Check out the top 3 podcasts I recommend (and a bonus podcast!) for learning copywriting!

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The 3 best podcasts for online business owners to learn about copywriting

Podcasts have been the hot new thing for quite a few years now, and it’s pretty clear why. Being able to learn on the go fits in pretty well with modern life. It’s now estimated that 57% of Americans have listened to a podcast at least once, and that number is growing year on year.

There are also an insane amount of podcasts out there. Apple Podcasts hosts 1.96 million podcasts. That’s just crazy!!

Many of us use podcasts to learn and develop ourselves. There are some incredible people out there sharing all their tips and secrets, and we can learn all of that for free! What a blessing.

I have loved using podcasts to develop my skills as a copywriter. I learn better when I can listen, so it’s a great way for me to learn new techniques and ideas.

I could write a list telling you about dozens of copywriting podcasts, but realistically, nobody will listen to that many.

I certainly don’t.

Instead, I’m going to give you just 3 podcasts that I HIGHLY recommend.

These are my go-to podcasts to learn about copywriting from some of the best copywriters out there.

“COPYWRITER’S PODCAST” by David Garfinkel

The copywriter’s podcast is a super relaxed but incredibly valuable look at different elements of copywriting. David Garfinkel, called “the World’s Greatest Copywriting Coach” by his clients, shares decades of wisdom and experience.

You only need a few episodes to understand how he earned that title from his clients!!

He covers pretty much every type of copy you could ever want to learn about, discuss tons of great resources, and have interesting guests regularly.

Some of their recent guests have included:

— Chris Haddad

— Kira Hug

— Roy Furr

— Mike Giannulis

They have some pretty cool guests!

This podcast is for you if:

— you want to learn copywriting fundamentals

— you want to hear interesting conversations with a variety of business owners

— you’re interested in insights from expert copywriters with decades of experience

I highly recommend this podcast. It’s taught me so much, and I’m sure it’ll be helpful for you too!

Check it out here or on your favourite podcast platform.


The Hot Copy Podcast is a more recent discovery for me, but it’s really awesome.

If you’re not already familiar with Kate Toon, go check her out on instagram. Kate is super authentic and down to earth, and she brings that personality to her podcast. She and Belinda have some really cool conversations with a huge range of people.

They give some great insight into different styles and niches in the copywriting world.

Some popular topics they discuss include:


— personal branding

— Direct response copywriting

— instagram and other social media platforms

They cover basically every topic you can think about!

This podcast is for you if:

— you want a fresh take on the world of copywriting

— you want informal conversations with loads of different copywriters

— you’re an aspiring copywriter keen to hear about other copywriters’ journeys

You’re in for some good listening!

Check it out here or on your favourite podcast platform.


This podcast is every aspiring copywriter’s dream! Nicki Krawczyk, aka Filthy Rich Writer, and Kate Sitarz take you through the basics of getting your copywriting business off the ground.

They provide some really practical tips to get you started and help you navigate being a new copywriter and business owner.

They talk about things like:

— setting up your portfolio

— how to find and reach out to clients

— marketing yourself as a new copywriter

Basically everything you ever wondered about starting your copywriting business!

This podcast is for you if:

— you’re a brand new copywriter

— you need some business tips and strategies

— you want to learn how to grow your copywriting business

Seriously, such helpful stuff!!

You can listen to it here or on your favourite podcast platform.

Bonus Podcast: Faith-Filled Business

Ok shameless plug for my own podcast 😉

But seriously, if you’re interested in learning about marketing from a Christian perspective, tune in to Faith-Filled Business! I chat about everything marketing:

  • engaging content that actually gets meaningful interaction
  • powerful copy that connects deeply with your ideal client
  • spiritual encouragement
  • my six-step biblical marketing framework

And I have some amazing guests that share their expertise with you! Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Podcasts are a convenient way to learn new skills, or refresh old ones. Enjoy listening to these amazing copywriters share their years of experience in fun and engaging ways!

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