It’s time to create a thriving facebook group so you can build deep connections with your audience!

Learn how to create a community with purpose, set up and optimize your group, develop an engagement strategy, and establish a growth plan for getting new members! Creating an engaged community is going to be easier than you think!


Were confident in the actions to take to build relationships and lead your group with authenticity


Knew exactly what content to create so your members interacted with you

Had a step-by-step growth plan to get new members consistently

Knew exactly how to create and optimize your facebook group

Had all the assets you need to make your group attractive and appealing to new members


"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."
- Proverbs 27:17




Sarah provides such simple and clear steps and came along side me with grace and no judgment during coaching calls. I'm now feeling less overwhelmed and more confident in my content and posting strategy.

melissa m.

"I now have a plan to start my first Facebook group, and I am so excited!"

robin h.

"Working with Sarah was a fantastic experience! She helped me look at my messaging much more strategically and intentionally - and that is invaluable!"

kathy w.

"The last story post I did was the 2nd highest performing post in the last 3 months. Almost 100 likes compared to 10 normally. and 30 comments."

jacqui N.

Here's what you get!

bonus: content mapping workshop

In this bonus workshop, I teach you my content creation system so you always have content ready to share. Hello consistency!

Understand Your Analytics

step six

We wrap up by diving into the key metrics you need to understand so you know how your group is doing and empower you to make decisions to improve your community.

Grow Your Facebook Group

step five

Now it’s time to fill your group! We’re going to create a custom growth plan that will bring in new members to your group every single week.

Create Your Engagement Strategy

step four

Engagement doesn’t just happen on its own. We’ll develop a strategy for you so you can show up consistently and create content everyone enjoys.

Create and Optimize Your Group

step three

Time to hit that create button! We set up and optimize your group. I’ve got step-by-step tutorials to walk you through all the tech so you can get your group going!

Prepare Your Group Assets

step two

Before we launch your group, there are a few key things you need to create. We’ll create the assets you need to bring your group to life.

Community with Purpose

step one

Every successful community starts with partnering with God to understand His vision for your group. We begin by mapping out what your community is going to look like.


It’s time to build a solid foundation for your online community to blossom and grow! Over the next 6 weeks we’re going to create and grow your Facebook group. I'll give you everything you need to show up consistently without it taking up hours of your time.

You wish you had a plug-and-play strategy for getting more engagement

You want to know how to consistently add new members into your facebook group

You are confused about how to set up your facebook group

You’re afraid nobody will join your community

You’re tired of hearing crickets every time you post


This is for you if...

You’re creating content consistently for your group

You know exactly what to do to create a group experience people love

You have a successful facebook group

You get great engagement from your members

You have new members requesting to join every week

This is not for you if...

It's time to build your foundation

BONUS Content Mapping Workshop

Live monthly coaching calls & replays

In depth workbooks

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facebook group foundations course

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Hey friend,

When God asked me to start a Facebook group, I was terrified! I felt so under-qualified and didn’t know the first thing about creating an online community. I had no idea what I would even do inside the group, or how the group would connect to my business. I was afraid nobody would care about my content, and even if they did, could I keep up with the constant posting and moderation required? But I knew God wanted me to create a community for Christian entrepreneurs, so I took a deep breath and hit “create.”

After lots of trial and error, I discovered just how incredible this platform is for creating a meaningful community online. I went all in and now I have a wonderful group where members interact with me, support each other, and ask for ways to go deeper with me and my offers. By focusing on building relationships, I created a human-first business model that makes money online without the sleazy, spammy sales tactics.

And it all starts with creating a community with purpose. Let’s nail those foundations and create a facebook group that’s set up for success. In just 6 weeks, I’ll help you build a community that your members love to spend time in and actually helps grow your business.

I'm Sarah!