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growing your business on social media might feel overwhelming

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there's a simple way to build deep relationships with your ideal clients so you can sell without feeling pushy.

and it only takes 30 minutes a day.

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God designed us to be in community with one another.

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Hey friend,

When God called me to start my Facebook group in 2021, I didn't think about it as anything more than a way to get more leads for my business. And a year later, when I felt like things "weren't working", I gave the group away. 

When I finally got clarity and sought God's vision for my business, I got my group back and completely changed how I served my community. Instead of seeing it as simply a lead generation tool, I focused on building relationships. True biblical fellowship. And that's when everything shifted in my business.

Now I have over 1,000 members and consistent sales every single month. God took me through the mess so I can show
you how to build a thriving group that's grounded in connection and community.

I'm Sarah!

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"I now have a plan to start my first Facebook group, and I am so excited!"

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