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We run our businesses first and foremost for the glory of God. We'll keep everything we do grounded in biblical truth.

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Content is key for any social media platform. You'll learn what it takes to create engaging content for your community.

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We'll chat about how to create an optimized and thriving Facebook group.for your online business.

You will learn:

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Hey friend,

When God called me to start my Facebook group in 2021, I didn't think about it as anything more than a way to get more leads for my business. And a year later, when I felt like things "weren't working", I gave the group away.

When I finally got clarity and sought God's vision for my business, I got my group back and completely changed how I served my community. Instead of seeing it as simply a lead generation tool, I focused on building relationships. True biblical fellowship. And that's when everything shifted in my business.

Now I have over 1,000 members and consistent sales every single month. God took me through the mess so I can show you how to build a thriving group that's grounded in connection and community.

i'm sarah!




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Makes Social Easy

- galgirl11 -

Let’s be honest, getting a community online is not an easy feet but this podcast give such tangible tips for building a community in our very disjointed world!

Tactical and specific!

- KBorseti -

I love all the tangible tips Sarah provides on her show. I’ve created and deleted a good handful of Facebook groups, but feel more equipped to grow a new one after listening to her show. Thanks, Sarah!

Great Tactical Tips

- portenfamily -

Since we just started our FB group, I’m thankful I have this podcast to help grow it and increase engagement. Keep the great tips coming!!

Just What I’ve Been Looking For

- Tha' Truth -

This podcast is just what I need to revive my dormant FB Group. I love all the tips and strategies and can’t wait to begin implementing them.

Finally the FB help we all need!

- kimstewinspired -

Thanks Sarah for answering the call to help us all engage our target audiences through Facebook groups. I absolutely love engaging there and can’t wait to learn how to run my own and encourage authors to do the same.

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