I help Christian women break free from the bonds of worldly business strategies and surrender to the Lord. When we start doing business HIS way, we get to partner with God and let Him be the CEO of our business. He takes the lead and shows us everything we need to know! 

I'm Sarah! Your Biblical Marketing Coach.

For too long in my business, I fought against who I was deep down to try and fit in to everyone else's business style. I followed the trends and tried to do business the world's way. But it wasn't getting my clients, and it was sucking all the life out of me. I was exhausted and burned out, and was growing to hate my business.

I let a secular coach lead me astray and I found myself very far from where I felt my business should be. I wasn't signing any clients, and was following methods of building my business that didn't feel aligned to who God made me to be at all.

But it wasn't until I broke free from that coaching relationship that God spoke to me about Biblical marketing. I realised that I had been going about everything completely wrong. Everything I needed to build my business and sell my offers was right there in my bible! 

I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

My camera

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Everyone has a message given by God to share with the world.

When we do business God's way, the sky is the limit.

You deserve a marketing strategy designed to showcase your gifts.

I believe:




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