Here are all the things I use in my business! There are gifts, discounts, and free trials for you to use. I hope you love them as much as I do!

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discover your brand voice

Get in touch with the person God made you to be and learn how to let your uniqueness shine so you can make impact and income in your biz!



A Faith-based marketing plan to help you sell authentically while keeping Jesus at the foundation.

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Discounts and Free Trials

email software

I love using flodesk to create my emails and sales pages. Simple to use and beautiful! Get 50% off your first year with the code SARAHB50.

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I use sked social for all my social media posts. Super easy to use and detailed insights.. Get 20% off your first month with the code sarahb20.

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client management

I manage all my client and coaching relationships through Hello Bonsai. It streamlines the admin and saves me loads of time! Get your first month free!

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copywriting training

I highly recommend the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy if you want to learn to write copy! Check out their free training to see if it's right for you

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