If you are a committed Christian, your business needs to be a committed Christian business too. This means grounding everything you do in the bible. I've based my entire business on helping you do that! With my copywriting background, I'm here to help you create engaging content, powerful copy, and an authentic marketing strategy that will increase your impact and income.

Creating a biblical marketing strategy for your business is non-negotiable.

"I felt that every stage of the process was really about me – she helped clarify my ideas and has expertly managed to capture me and my brand. I actually smiled while reading through the copy!”
~ Victoria

"Working with Sarah has been incredible!"

"Sarah is incredible to work with! She listens to my ideas, concerns and offers so that the words she crafts really embodies my brand. She gets my voice and my motivation."
~ Krystal

"Totally exceeded my expectations!”

"Sarah was able to quickly embrace my audience as if it was her own and speak to their pain points using their language. She helped me look at my messaging much more strategically and intentionally - and that is invaluable!"
~ Kathy

"Working with you was a fantastic experience!"


When you're creating your copy and your content, do you wish you had someone on standby to ask all the dumb questions to? Or have a second pair of eyes on your post before you hit publish? That's the beauty of working with me - you'll have me in your pocket to support you with all your marketing! It's my goal to give you the confidence to write copy and content that's effective and truly feels like you.

What would your business look like with a copywriter in your pocket?

My Biblical Marketing Framework flips the traditional method on its head...

If you talk to any secular business owner, you won't make it five minutes before you hear something about manifesting or the moon. And while these things clearly bring them comfort and confidence, we have something better.

We have a God who has called us to entrepreneurship, and better yet, He has given us the way to do business that is aligned to His word! The Bible contains the foundational principals for us to grow a business successfully.

My biblical marketing framework is based on six key aspects of Jesus' life and ministry, and I truly believe there is no other way to build a faith-based business. 

Over the course of 12 weeks, I'll coach you through each of these aspects so you can create a strong foundation for your business and a powerful marketing strategy that's unique to the way God created you to be.


There was never any doubt in Jesus' mind about who he was. Your business requires the same from you. We begin by getting super clear on who God made you to be so you can share this beautiful identity with your audience.


Jesus' knew exactly who he served. You need the same clarity on who you serve. The next stage is to understand who your ideal client is and what her biggest pains and frustrations are so you can love and serve her well.


Jesus spent his life preaching, ministering, and performing miracles. The third aspect of biblical marketing looks at your content, to focus on how you will serve your audience in the way that they need and aligns with your gifts.


On many occasions, Jesus spent time in community with people before sharing any of God's message with them. We will work on establishing a solid community for your business so you can fellowship and build trust before selling. 


Jesus was not ashamed of sharing his message and inviting people to follow him. You must sell with the same confidence. Together, we'll work on your sales strategy so you are consistently sharing your offers with your audience.


After Jesus ascended, his message was spread by his followers. Credibility is the lifeblood of every business. We will wrap up our coaching by establishing or revising your website to host your reviews and create a strategy for collecting testimonials.

Here's an overview of our 12 weeks of coaching together.

After Working with me, you're going to have:

Confidence in your brand voice and style. (no more trying to copy everyone else!)

Clarity on who you serve and how you serve them so you can sell your offers with no doubt in your mind that you can solve their problems

A custom marketing strategy that fits the unique skills and gifts God gave you

A content plan that showcases your strengths and allows you to consistently sell to your audience in an authentic way

A sales funnel, sales page, and website that's been reviewed by a copywriter (you'll know that these key pieces of copy are effective!)

My coaching is for you if:

You've already started a business and you want to take it to the next level

You're ready to grow your business and start seeing consistent income every month

You're willing to put in the time and effort to work on every aspect of the framework

You're ready to be free from the bonds of secular marketing and start doing things God's way!

What's it going to cost?

pay in full

payment plan

$1800 cad

3x $600 cad

Sound good?

I'd love to work with you! Fill out an application and I'll be in touch about getting started! I can't wait!

I'm ready!