A Firm Foundation


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I get that feeling of being stuck, unable to move forwards in your business. You know you've got the right idea and the gifts from God to make this business work, but getting things moving is tricky. It feels like you're doing all the "right" things and still you aren't seeing any progress. You may begin to doubt yourself and feel frustrated that this business God called you to is just never going to work...

But where there's God's will, there's a way...

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Hey, I'm Sarah!

I help Christian women break free from the bonds of worldly business strategies and surrender to the Lord. When we start doing business HIS way, we get to partner with God and let Him be the CEO of our business. He takes the lead and shows us everything we need to know!

For too long in my business, I fought against who I was deep down to try and fit in to everyone else's business style. I followed the trends and tried to do business the world's way. But it wasn't getting my clients, and it was sucking all the life out of me. I was exhausted and burned out, and was growing to hate my business.

I let a secular coach lead me astray and I found myself very far from where I felt my business should be. I wasn't signing any clients, and was following methods of building my business that didn't feel aligned to who God made me to be at all.

But it wasn't until I broke free from that coaching relationship that God spoke to me about Biblical marketing.

I realised that I had been going about everything completely wrong. Everything I needed to build my business and sell my offers was right there in my bible! I needed to come back to the basics and give my business the firm foundation that it deserved. Now I help other Christian entrepreneurs grow their business the way God intended for them. I help them create a firm foundation so they can make more impact and income in their business.

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The first step is to understand and embrace who you were made to be. We'll create your brand voice and determine the places to show up in your business that align to your gifts.

01 - Identity

Next, we dig in to understanding your audience, the people you are called to serve. We'll chat about how to connect with them and get them excited about everything you're doing in your business.

02 - Calling

Then we'll tackle all things content! Content is your first ministry in your business, so we'll create a plan that showcases your expertise, builds trust, and bonds with your audience.

03 - Ministry

After, we take a deep dive into your testimony. Storytelling is a powerful tool to have in your wheelhouse, and I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about using storytelling to sell.

04 - Testimony

Building relationships is essential for growing a successful business. We'll dig into the best way for you to do this so your audience knows, likes and trusts you.

05 - Fellowship

Lastly, we focus on growing your business. It's important to continuously grow your audience so your business can thrive, so we'll talk about different strategies to bring in new people to your world.

06 - Invitation

Here's what you'll learn

a firm foundation will take you through my 6-step biblical marketing framework. I BELIEVE WE SHOULD look to jesus for our inspiration and model ourselves on the way he lived. so, each step is modeled after an aspect of jesus' life and ministry.

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If you commit to establishing a firm foundation in your business, imagine how different things could look a year from now...

... showing up every single week knowing exactly what to do to get clients...

... confidently building trust and nurturing the people already in your world, getting them excited to buy your latest offer...

... no longer feeling lost or confused because you're finally aligned with God and are living out your calling...

Picture yourself 12 months from now...

all of that is possible for you. and i'm here to help make it happen.

It's time to get out of the frustration and in to confidence with god at the center of it all.