The Biblical Marketing Blueprint

Start creating impact and income by getting your business aligned with who God created you to be.

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It's not "nice to have." It's essential.

God calls you to follow Him in every aspect of your life. If your business is to succeed, it must be rooted in biblical principles.

The good news is that the bible is full of wisdom for how to run your business and sell your offers! Jesus' life is the perfect example, and I'm going to take you through 6 core prinicples based on Jesus' life and ministry. Set your business up for success so you can make impact and income.

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I'm going to give you a marketing plan built from 6 elements of Jesus' life and ministry. With these biblical principles at the foundation of your marketing, you'll be set up to fulfil the calling God has placed on your business.

IDENTITY. Why you shouldn't be ashamed of who you are and how you can use this to your benefit in your business. 

CALLING. You have a specific group of people you are called to serve. Let's talk about how to know and understand them intimately.

MINISTRY. You serve people through your content. Make sure you're showing up in the right places and talking about the right things.

TESTIMONY. Learn how to share your story and use your skills, background, and experience to connect with your avatar.

FELLOWSHIP. How to nurture them and build community before ever selling to them.

INVITATION. Selling is an essential part of your business. Let's talk about how to do this in an authentic, heart-centred way.

i want it!

Sarah Beisel

Hey there! I'm Sarah, business coach, copywriting expert, and host of the Faith-Filled Business podcast.

For too long in my business, I fought against who I was deep down to try and fit in to everyone else's business style. I followed the trends and tried to do business the world's way. But it wasn't getting me clients, and it was sucking all the life out of me. I was exhausted and burned out, and was growing to hate my business.

I let a secular coach lead me astray and I found myself very far from where I felt my business should be. I wasn't signing any clients, and was following methods of building my business that didn't feel aligned to who God made me to be at all. 

But it wasn't until I broke free from that coaching relationship that God spoke to me about Biblical marketing. I realised that I had been going about everything completely wrong. Everything I needed to build my business and sell my offers was right there in my bible! 

Now I'm sharing these lessons with you so you can increase your impact and income in your business with Jesus as your solid foundation.

God gave you a voice and a message to share with the world. Let's speak powerfully and make the impact and income He has set apart for you.