How to Make Money Online as an Introvert

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How many times have you had the thought that you couldn’t make money online because you’re an introvert? I know I thought that for quite a while! I used to think that I had to just suck it up and suffer because the only way to have a successful online business was to be super sociable and energetic.

But THANK GOODNESS I discovered that that’s not the only way to make money online. I’ve experimented and tried out lots of different things and I’ve come up with these six tips that are going to help you be successful while protecting your energy. You can ditch that burn out for good!

1. As an introvert, you need to master time blocking

You want to maintain control over your schedule as an introvert so you can set up your week in the way that’s best for you. These are some of the things I block into my week:

  • high-energy activities like recording my podcast, creating reels, or going live in my Facebook group.
  • focused work time for my client projects
  • creative time for planning my own marketing
  • down time for rest or exercise

You know yourself better than anyone, so set up your schedule in the way that allows you to thrive best. You can set aside big blocks of time, like a whole day for certain activities, or split it over the week. As long as the focus remains on protecting your energy as an introvert so you can thrive and serve your clients well!

2. Get good at setting boundaries

Once you’ve got your week time blocked in a way that feels good to you, the next step is to stick to it! You can only make money online if you’re not burned out, and the easiest way to prevent burnout is to create and maintain boundaries.

This can be boundaries with:

As an introvert, it’s important that you engage in social activities when you feel at your best, and that your quiet time is respected to allow you to recover.

3. Decide how you are most comfortable showing up, and lean into that to make money online

When it comes to your marketing strategy, you’ve got so many options to choose from. So especially as an introvert, you want to choose to show up in a way that feels good to you and honours the skills and preferences you have.

I really hate doing live stuff, I much prefer creating high-quality pre-recorded content so I know I’m at the top of my game when I create the resource. That way I know I’m always serving people while I’m at my best.

But for you, doing a live video at a set time every week might be the best fit for you, as long as you build in time after to rest! Don’t feel like you have to do the same thing that everyone else is doing either. If you don’t want to create reels and TikToks and show up live, then don’t!

You can make money online without having to do launches, or go live, or hop on trends. Lean in to your strengths as an introvert so you can market your business in a way that really feels good and authentic to who you are.

4. As an introvert, you need to protect your emotional energy

I used to spend a lot of time focused on what other people were doing online, and I noticed that I was getting really stressed out thinking about all the things I wasn’t doing and everything I “should” be doing instead. I realised I was getting super burned out because I was seeing all this stuff that didn’t align with who I was, but I still felt pressured to show up in the same way everyone else was.

I needed to protect my energy by limiting how much time I spent scrolling and looking at other people. Don’t get me wrong, getting inspired is great! But if it’s causing you to feel anxious and stressed out, maybe it’s time to close down the social media apps and put the blinders on.

5. Structure your offers around your strengths and you’ll easily make money online

Your offers don’t need to look the same as everyone else’s. Some people love running multi-day challenges where they go live every single day. Others love live launching and having a big event every single month. As an introvert, I can’t think of anything worse.

My offers are now structured around pre-recorded content with limited amounts of 1:1 time so I can support people in a way that feels good and allows me to show up as my best. Another great tool I’ve found helps me as an introvert is using Voxer. I can give 1:1 support to my clients but I can do it on my time and according to my schedule.

A question to think about as an introvert is how you prefer to serve people. Do you want to work 1:1 with people, or in groups? Or completely hands off? Every method has its pros and cons, and it’s up to you to decide what feels best for you and your energy. You can make money online easily with any of those options!

6. Even introvert business owners need community

Ok this one may be a little controversial, but I’m a big believer in community, especially with people who are similar to you. The best way to get ideas for how to make money online as an introvert will be to find other introverts already doing it!

There are loads of Facebook groups for introvert business owners to chat and seek advice. And it’s one of the reasons I set up my Facebook group! I wanted a space for business owners to discuss and seek advice on how to build a business that reflected their skills and preferences. I’d love to see you there so I can help you be successful!

It’s totally possible to make money online as an introvert

You can be successful as an online business owner in so many ways, there isn’t one right way to market! As an introvert, there are a few extra things you need to think about to make sure you don’t burn out. As long as you stick to things that feel good to you, you’ll settle into a marketing strategy that showcases your strengths!

Chat soon!


P.S. Listen to the podcast episode for the full chat about marketing as an introvert!

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