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Having a strong sense of your brand identity isn’t just important, it’s foundational for your faith-based business. How do I know this? In today’s episode, I get vulnerable friend! I’m sharing a story from my childhood that will help you understand just how important your brand voice is, and why every coaching journey I start […]

Why having a clear brand identity is a non-negotiable as a Christian entrepreneur

December 23, 2022

Hey Friend! How many times have you had the thought that you couldn’t make money online because you’re an introvert? I know I thought that for quite a while! I used to think that I had to just suck it up and suffer because the only way to have a successful online business was to […]

How to Make Money Online as an Introvert

August 19, 2022

Hey Friend! Ok I have a LOT of thoughts about social media. It’s truly a blessing and a curse. I believe there is so much deception about how easy social media marketing is. You are constantly creating new content that lasts for about 2 days, and then it’s lost to time. Most people who are […]

3 reasons why social media marketing is harder than ever… and 3 ways to overcome it

August 10, 2022

Hey Friend! It’s so important to create a solid brand identity when you start your business. You need to be recognisable and have your brand be something that feels so good to you. And friend, you need to do this even if you’re a solopreneur! Even if it’s just you running your business, you still […]

6 questions to help you get clear on your brand identity and nail your marketing plan

August 9, 2022